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FCS 2 Fin System CARVER Quad Rear Glasflex Small

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2 Quad Rear Fins

FCS kommt diese Saison mit dem neuen FCS 2 Fin Sytem, für das keine Schrauben mehr benötigt werden.
Dank dem neuen Klicksystem (siehe Foto ) sitzen sie BOMBENFEST !
Die neuen Finnen sind in 4 Kategorien unterteilt

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Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage

29,90 €
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1. Keyless Efficient keyless system for quick fin installation and release. 2. Flush Leading Edge Recessed leading edge with flush base connection improves water flow. 3. Backward Compatible Grub screws can be inserted to accept your existing FCS fins. 4. Mechanism: Rotating Barrel Self lubricating, wear resistant barrel locks the fin into the plug. 5. Mechanism: Titanium Rod Aerospace grade titanium rod applies lateral pressure to the fin tab. 6. Honeycomb Construction Lightweight composite frame encapsulated by high density foam reduces weight and maintains tail flex.

The FCS II system has been designed to perform at the highest level by seamlessly connecting 3 essential elements in surfing; the surfer, the surfboard and the fins. When paired with fins from the new FCS II Essential Series, it’s now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds, without the need for any screws or tools. What you’ll find when you ride the new FCS II system is more speed, more drive, more acceleration, and most importantly more response from your board. This equates to better surfing, and you’ll be in the line up faster. Our team riders have given the new FCS II system their personal tick of approval, which is validation from the best surfers on the planet.

FCS-II FAQ Will the FCSII mechanism keep working over time? The FCSII mechanism will continue to work no matter how many times you change your fins. This simple, but well refined mechanism constructed from superior materials ensures operational longevity. FCS has completed repetition testing (installing then removing a fin from the system) with no retention force lost over 4,000 cycles. Under normal conditions, the FCSII system will outlast the life of the board. Will fins eject out of the system unintentionally when surfing? The FCSII system has a high fin retaining force (around 12kg/26Ibs) and fins cannot be removed from the system by placing force on the front or side of the fin (i.e. the direction of forces applied to the fin during surfing). A fin can only be removed from the system by applying an upwards force to the rear of the fin. Will sun and salt water corrode the FCSII mechanism? And how about if sand enters the plug, will it jam? The FCSII mechanism has been designed to operate in a highly corrosive environment. All materials used to construct the FCSII plug have been selected for their anti-corrosion properties; including titanium which is an inert material (will not rust). If sand enters the plug, the mechanism will not be restricted and will flush out the sand through the open slot cavities. Will my old FCS (dual tab) fins work with this system? Yes, you can use all your existing FCS fins with the FCSII system. The FCSII plugs are backwards compatible - grub screws can be used within the FCSII plugs to secure your existing dual tab FCS fins. FCS has designed a set of unobtrusive silicone infills to fill the gap created by the old fins in the new system. The infills are made from high quality silicone rubber which will not damage the plugs or fins. They are also extremely durable, light and built to withstand extreme temperature and corrosive conditions. The infills replicate the flush leading edge of the new fin design improving the performance of the old fins.


Hersteller FCS (Fin Control System)
Fin Tec Glas Flex
Fläche 8,150mm
Side Base (mm) 115mm
Side-Depth (mm) 107mm
Sweep 33.2
Flex Nein
Farbe uni
Grösse S
Länge Nein
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage


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