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Foam Symmetry Vol. 6 Number 1 - Issue 20

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Foam Symmetry ist ein sehr hochwertiges Surfmag, welches photographisch orientiert ist, die Alternative Surfsene & Surfculture focusiert. Foam Symmetry kommt 4 Mal im Jahr raus. Our hope is to simply - provoke the stoke.


Foam Symmetry Issue 20. Vol 6 No 1

Another issue packed with stunning photography and great articles. This time around we have an exclusive interview with Shawn Stüssy along with many others including Marlee Owen and Mike Lay.

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Foam Symmetry is a high quality, photograph orientated, alternative surf and culture focused magazine. Released quarterly, our hope is to simply – provoke the stoke.

Starting in 2011 ‘Foam Symmetry’ magazine quickly became the voice of a movement within surfing. Since then the magazine has gained momentum, building on the alternative approach to wave riding promoted by the likes of Thomas Campbell ‘Seedling’ and ‘Sprout’ movies. Today we continue to celebrate surf culture with a beautiful printed piece filled with your favourite features such as the Nikonos Project, Sea Pixels and Surfolk along with articles from some of the most influential characters in todays surfing culture.

The desire to surf is deep in our bones, and our joy for wave riding is a passion we love to share. There are some radical things happening in the world of surfing, and we want to be a part of it. Logs, mid-lengths, single fins, twin fins, retro, alternative, funky, old, twisted and sideways, if it’s weird . . . we probably like it.


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