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Norden XMAS SPECIAL Freeracer 14’’ x27 1/2 294 L / red / carbon ultra light + Bag

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Norden XMAS SPECIAL Freeracer 14’’ x27 1/2 294 L / red / carbon ultra light + Bag

Size: 14’’x 27 1/2x [294 L]

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Lieferzeit: 2-3 Tage

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Norden XMAS SPECIAL Freeracer 14’’ x27 1/2 294 L / red / carbon ultra light + Bag

The Freeracer is our more race orientated shape. The longer nose bow, straighter rail and the flat planning bottom creates less drag and allow the board to lift out of the water to accelerate faster. With some extra width and the recessed deck area it is very stabil, the open ocean rocker line makes it a great shape for down winders and allows you to catch a few waves along the shore. The Freeracer has grap handle option for racing which can also be used to attach a storage net and is build only in our Carbon Ultra Light construction to give you the lightes board possible. For anyone that wants to race around the block rather then going for a cruise, this is the board to go for. CONSTRUCTION : Carbon Ultra Light: The all new super light carbon construction is by far the lightes construction we ever offered. Using a very light eps core which will be completely vacuum-laminated with pvc and carbon sandwich, allows us to use less fibreglass and no stringer without sacrificing any durability. Additionally the boards get finished of with a super light brush coat which gives it the rustic look and saves us some extra grams by leaving the traditional spray design behind. As light is only better when the shape matches the construction, we offer the super light carbon version only on the small Wave SUPs and the Freeracer because this is where it realy makes sence!


Hersteller Norden
Farbe Nein
Länge 14.0
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Board-Skill-Level Beginner - Intermediate
Volumen (Liter) 294
Board-Material Super light carbon constructio
Board-Breite 27 1/2
Board-Dicke .
Board-Finnensystem US box


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