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Pukas x Eye Symmetry Wombi Fish 6.0

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Pukas x Eye Symmetry Wombi Fish 6.0

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“The Wombi Fish”

After having very successful results with our dedicated quad model, The Cali Quad, in both Europe and the rest of the world I felt the strong need to provide a similar, user friendly quad design in the PUKAS range and hence the Wombi Fish was born.

The design of the Wombi fish looks relatively simple at first look but has some small, important details that give the board extra edge and performance. It features a wide, clean outline with a full nose and medium swallow tail with a slight direction change or ‘hip’ that extends from the leading fins off the tail. A subtle attribute inspired from a Skip Frye quad shaped for Tom Carroll that he proudly came and showed me back home in Sydney. The bottom contours of the Wombi Fish begins with a simple rolled entry at the tip of the nose which then blends into our signature subtle quad concave just forward from the chest. From there, a double within a single concave takes effect and strengthens through the mid-section of the board (between the feet) finally finishing with spiral vee through the fins and off the tail. 

Another addition to the bottom of this model is the flattening of the outer edge of the rail, in effect it’s a subtle bevel rail and this allows the initiation of the turn with The Wombi Fish. In other words it frees up the board. The combination of these bottom contours matched with a relatively flat rocker (especially in the tail) creates a fast, responsive small wave board suited for clean, low energy waves.

All the Pukas x Eye Symmetry surfboards are built on a traditional polyurethane core with a complete epoxy laminate and finish known as PE construction.

We are thinking more long term by creating a more durable product“, says Max.

The epoxy resin is known to be a higher quality material than polyester. Is more UV resistant, stronger and has more reactive flex pattern. The result is a whiter and brighter surfboard that doesn’t yellow as quickly as a traditional polyester construction (aesthetics) which responds faster to your movements (performance).

The carbon stripes are quite a visual thing that I love” says Max. “We are honoring a traditional surfboard building process but we are adding some minor reinforcement and visuals. It’s basically a bit more love put into the construction of the board to make it last longer for the surfer“.


The Wombi Fish’s Size Chart

5’2” 19 3/4″ 2 3/16″ 25.2 l.
5’4” 20 1/4″ 2 1/4″ 27.4 l.
5’6” 20 3/4″ 2 5/16″ 29.9 l.
5’8” 21 1/4″ 2 3/8″ 32.4 l.
5’10” 21 3/4″ 2 7/16″ 35 l.
6’0″ 22 1/4″ 2 1/2″ 37.8 l.
6’2” 22 3/4″ 2 9/16″ 40.8 l.


Hersteller Pukas
Farbe weiß
Grösse Nein
Länge 6.0
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Volumen (Liter) 37.8
Board-Material polyurethane core with a complete epoxy laminate
Board-Breite 22 1/4
Board-Dicke 2 1/2
Board-Finnensystem FCS2 Quad


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