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X-Mas Special Pig Wale 5´9 blk + Tail Pad + Wax

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Pig Wale 5´9x 21 1/4x 2 3/8´, 33 l

Features: FCS2 5 Fins Set

spray design matt finish

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Lieferzeit: 2-3 Tage

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The new Pig Wale is what we call a „performance-funboard“, allowing you to have fun on the most average day but also enables you to perform once conditions improve. The wider nose lets you paddle into the smallest wave with ease, a very round outline and the shorter board lets you turn on a dime, while a single into double concave bottom combined with a flatter rocker and a rounded tail give you that extra speed to chase any section down the line. The pig wale caters for the experienced surfer who is looking for a board for small to medium summer surf, as well as any intermediate rider who is ready for a shorter surfboard.


Hersteller Norden
Farbe schwarz
Grösse Nein
Länge 5.9
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Volumen (Liter) 33
Board-Material Polyester
Board-Breite 21 1/4
Board-Dicke 2 3/8
Board-Finnensystem FCS 2


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