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Foam Symmetry Vol. 3 Number 1

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Mit Foam Symmetry Vol.3 Nummer 1 ist den Photographen & Textern wieder ein grandioses Mag gelungen... Dane Peterson giving the face a little tickle on a perfect Malibu morning. The cover shot of foam symmetry – volume, 3 issue 1:There’s nobody that surf’s the inside section of The Bu any better than Dane Peterson. Having grown up there, Peto loves to get back stateside and show everyone that even though he’s getting on, he’s certainly still go it.

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Volume 2, Number 4 - Sept 2013 (Issue 8) Cover 1 Foam Symmetry is a quarterly high quality, photograph orientated alternative surf culture magazine. Bringing you features and insane photos that will cover the more alternative side of surfing, plenty of logging, retro and alternative shortboarding along with the surfing of Alaia’s and all types of wooden surf craft, from Australia and overseas.
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