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Future Fins Jordy Smith - Large

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Jordy grew up in a surfboard factory. He followed his dad around the shop, taking on knowledge about surfboard design before he could even ride one.
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Performance is innate in Jordy, and 20 years later he's a stickler for detail. This fin represents Jordy's in depth knowledge of his equipment and his ability to translate a feeling into a description for our engineers to work from. The large area suits Jordy's big frame perfectly. Featuring a wider base and thinner tip, the template has laid back lines, accentuating Jordy's effortless approach to a tee. Powerful performance designed to win an ASP World Championship.
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Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage
Fin Tec Honeycomb
Fläche 103.94 sq cm
Side Base (mm) 12.12 cm
Side-Depth (mm) 12.01 cm
Farbe schwarz-grün


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