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Hang Up System für US Longboard Box

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Hang Up System für US Longboard Box
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Hang Ups provide for an improved and efficient method of multiple surfboard management in retail, wholesale, workshop and home environments. Primarily for retail shop owners to use for displaying boards, it is much cheaper than building conventional board racks, and it has the added advantage of allowing for high density, compact board storage. With this system, retailers are able to either display more boards in their current space, or shrink the amount of space required for their existing inventory. No longer destined for the boardrack, surfboards can now be displayed in any location where standard hanging rail is available. How many ? around 14 boards per metre. Currently there are separate hang Ups for boards with FCS, Futures and traditional Longboard Boxes. NSP boards can be hung using the NSP > FCS adapter. Key Benefits: - Flexibility in hanging arrangement for retail environments - no specialised rack is required. The same rack that displays clothes, wetsuits or boardbags can be utilised for your surfboard display. - Increase your sales by increasing your floor stock. More stock = more sales, same space more flexibility. - Easily able to accommodate seasonal changes. Surfboards or Steamers on the same space same rail. - Makes the most of valuable retail floor space. Your boards always hang straight and tight. - A modern professional presentation for your merchandise. - No part of the surfboard is touching the ground and if secured using the grub screw the surfboard will remain secure. - Less space - will fit twice the number of boards in the same space than using traditional surf rack systems. - Countless possibilities for the retail and backroom environment. - Hang Ups at home help to keep everything surf tidy and safe.
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