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Sunova Surfboards - Chunker 6.0

Lieferzeit 4-5 Werktage
850,00 €
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Der Chunker ist für die etwas besseren Tage im Norden...
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nspired by some of California’s leading small wave designs, the Chunker is a 5/4/3 fin board that takes tiny, othenvise frustrating waves, and turns them into a skatepark. For customers in locations that are subject to prolonged flat spells, this board will drastically increase your number of “rippable” days. The Chunker catches small waves with incredible ease and begins planing very early thanks to its flat rocker, fullerails and extra width held far up into the nose. Once up and riding, those features, in combination with the light weight and superior flex qualities of Sunova’s construction enable the Chunker to rapidly generate heaps of speed that can be used to bash float or fly off ofany little lip that comes your way. Generous outline curve in the tail, in combination with a tail rocker that subtly accelerates from behind the front fins and Sunova’s inherent flex qualities allow the Chunker to make tight, quick turns virtually anywhere on a wave. Ride as a quad for added drive in gutless waves. The Chunker is mainly designed for beginners — experts in knee to head high surf. For fast, aerial focused. highperformance surfing in tiny waves. Das Brett kommt mit hochwertigen Glassfinnen. Volumen: 33,2 L
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Brand Sunova Surfboards
Lieferzeit 4-5 Werktage
Länge 6.0
Volumen (Liter) 36
Board-Material Sandwich Balsa Epoxy Construction
Board-Breite 20 1/4
Board-Dicke 2 7/8
Board-Finnensystem FCS


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