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Ticket To The Moon Moonstrap

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Dimensions Tree Protectors: 2 x 100 x 4 cm - 1” x 3’3” x 2” Maximum load: 200 kg - 440 lbs Material: 100% nylon 10 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materials
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Ticket To The Moon’s Tree-Friendly Straps allow for a completely adjustable suspension system that is ideal for a quick setup or takedown of your hammock. It comes with two one-meter tree protectors! You can use the tree protectors to hang your hammock from any mounting point, sharp or smooth. The strap won’t damage the bark of a tree and offers better grip on smooth surfaces. Like all TTTM products, they are delivered in their own pouch so that you can take them anywhere. The small pouch adds very little weight to your kit, but saves you a lot of time and effort. Sold by pair, ready to use.

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Brand Ticket to the Moon
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage
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