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Sunova Surfboards - Moon Fish 6.2

Lieferzeit 4-5 Werktage
875,00 €
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Der Sunova Moon Fish ist eine Mixture aus dem Flying Fish, King Fish, Rocket Fish...

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Flying fish, King fish, Rocket fish —it is all in The Sunova fish. In the tradition of fish design, with the added advantage of experienced composite engineering and modern design elements, enter The Sunova fish. The Sunova fish is a flying fish. Our composite construction creates a light, and flexible board. Launching out of the water like a flying fish. Kingfish -the traditional design parameters as well as the added floatation unique to the Sunova surfboard construction, means you will be king in any line up. Rocket fish — the take off speed is like a rocket. The moon tail design, combined with the modern thruster, puts drive and control right where you need it. Put this baby in the pocket, then rocket back out. The world’s finest fish combined to create The Sunova Fish Available in single fin, thruster or 5 fin set up. Das Brett kommt als 5 Finner mit hochwertigen Glass Fins. Volumen: 41,4 L
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Brand Sunova Surfboards
Lieferzeit 4-5 Werktage
Länge 6.2
Volumen (Liter) 41.4
Board-Material Sandwich Balsa Epoxy Construction
Board-Breite 22 3/4
Board-Dicke 2 3/4
Board-Finnensystem FCS 5 Finner


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